A10 Life of Paul

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Lesson 1: Suffering for the Lord

Readings: Acts 14: 1-21

If we do something wrong we expect to be punished. Paul and his friend Barnabas were preaching the Good News of the Lord Jesus. God had told them to do this, yet many were persecuting them. They were prepared to accept this, knowing that, in obeying God, they were doing what was right.

Lesson 2: A Friend for Life

Readings: Acts 16: 1-3; 2 Timothy 1: 1-5

Visiting friends or relatives you haven’t seen for a while, can be exciting, especially if they have something new to tell, or show you. In this lesson Paul meets again a young man, who became one of his best friends.

Lesson 3: Paul in Prison

Readings: Acts 16: 16-34

The Good News was spreading rapidly and had reached the important city of Philippi. Here Paul and Silas met a slave girl, who was used by her masters as a fortune teller. She kept shouting at them.

Lesson 4: City of Athens

Readings: Acts 17: 10-34

Nowadays, people travel quickly and easily for many reasons. Perhaps it’s on business, on holiday or to visit friends. We now find Paul and his companions travelling to other European cities to preach the Good News of Jesus. After leaving Philippi, they visited several cities including Thessalonica.