Have fun while exploring God's amazing Bible!

Do you love getting mail with your name on it? Do you enjoy earning prizes? Bibletime is for you! Read below to find out more about these fun studies!

Four children are happy to see each other

We'll send you mail ☺

Kids love getting mail from us. Why? It’s fun! We’ll send Bible Lessons to your mailbox. Send it back to us when you finish. We will be happy to see how well you did.

Postal Bible Studies

Age-appropriate activities

Learn about the Bible and have fun! Our lessons share exciting Bible stories through questions and activities. Get prizes for colouring, doing crosswords, word searches and puzzles. Your lessons will be difficult enough to challenge you, but easy enough to be enjoyable.


I really like PBS! Every time we get the mail, I eagerly check for an envelope that is from PBS!

– Chasitee

I’ve been doing PBS for as long as I can remember. It helps students be even closer to God and praise him more and more. I have 2 sisters we all do PBS and we love it.

– Christopher


Earn Marks and Get Rewards

You can get prizes in PBS. Earn marks and choose what you want! We have Bibles, books and a lot of other cool stuff. We give out bonus marks too. Get 100 extra marks by getting a friend to join!

It's free to join!

We are here to help you. We give our time and lessons for free, so that anyone can join. Buying stamps to mail it back, is the only cost you’ll ever have to pay.

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