A10 Paul

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Lesson 1: Paul in Philippi

Readings: Acts 16: 9-40

Paul and his companions continued on their travels and eventually came to Troas. In Troas, Paul had a night vision from the Lord in which he saw a man standing and pleading with him.

Lesson 2: Paul in Thessalonica and Berea

Readings: Acts 17: 1-14

After passing through a few cities, Paul came to Thessalonica, which was situated at the crossroads of the main east-west and north-south highways. Paul’s stay in this city appears to have been very short.

Lesson 3: Paul in Athens and Corinth

Readings: Acts 17: 15-34; 18: 1-18

In Athens, Paul found the worship of idols worse than anything he had experienced before. The city had a reputation for culture and philosophy but this had evidently led them into spiritual darkness, away from the true God. Paul was greatly stirred in his spirit and began presenting to the people the truth about the Lord Jesus and His resurrection.

Lesson 4: Paul in Ephesus

Readings: Acts 19: 1-41

Ephesus was a city dominated by the worship of the goddess Diana (Artemis). The temples dedicated to her were full of vice and corruption. The apostle Paul had visited this city at the end of his second missionary journey. Now, some time later, he returned as he had promised he would, if it was God’s will. (See Acts 18: 19-21.) Upon arrival, Paul found twelve disciples, who had not heard the whole story of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul asked them several questions about what they believed.