A11 Life of Paul

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Lesson 1: The Adventures of Paul: ‘Sharing with others’

Readings: Acts 18: 1-11

In the previous chapter Paul was in the ancient city of Athens. In this Bible Reading, on his second missionary journey, Paul arrived at another large city.

Lesson 2: The Adventures of Paul: ‘The plot to kill him’

Readings: Acts 23: 10-24; 24: 22-27

Have you ever wondered, “Why does it always happen to me?”? Perhaps you’re always being picked on at school or find you often have accidents. Paul may have felt like this, for he was always being set upon by his enemies. A mob of Jews seized him in the Temple at Jerusalem. If it had not been for the quick action of Roman soldiers, he would have been torn to pieces! The Romans took him into their castle, or barracks, for his own safety. But the Jews were determined that they were going to kill him. Now look at the Bible Reading to find out what happened.

Lesson 3: The Adventures of Paul: ‘Before the king’

Readings: Acts 25: 13-22; 26: 13-32

Sometimes during holidays you may visit several different relatives. They all seem to want to know how you are getting on at school. After you’ve told the third or fourth one you may think to yourself, “How many more times?”. Paul may have felt like this as he had to stand trial before various officials who had been appointed to try him. Yet he didn’t mind because he used every opportunity to tell them about the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 4: The Adventures of Paul: ‘Shipwreck’

Readings: Acts 27: 13-14 & 20-44; 28: 1-9

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation and felt worried or afraid? When we give the Lord Jesus the control of our lives as Paul had done, He doesn’t take all our problems away but He does promise to help us through them.