A11 Paul

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Lesson 1: Paul’s Trial - Jerusalem and the Mob

Readings: Acts 21: 17-40; 22: 1-30

The study begins with Paul arriving in a large city and meeting with the elders of the local church. Paul told them all what God had done among the Gentiles, while in turn they told him about the large number of Jews who had believed the gospel. However, they were concerned about rumours that had been spread regarding things Paul was supposed to have said.

Lesson 2: Paul’s Trial - Caesarea and the Governors

Readings: Acts 23: 23-26; 24: 1-27; 25: 1-12

Following his rescue by the Roman soldiers, Paul had a confrontation with the chief priests. Later that night, God revealed to him that he would be His witness in Rome (Acts 23: 11). While Paul was still in custody, mainly for his own safety, his nephew uncovered a plot to kill him. As a result, he was moved from Jerusalem to Caesarea to be in the safe keeping of the Roman governor.

Lesson 3: Paul’s Trial - Caesarea and the King

Readings: Acts 25: 13-27; 26: 1-32

Before Paul left for Rome to be tried by Caesar, the governor received a couple of visitors. He spoke to them about his problem with Paul.

Lesson 4: Paul’s Trial - Mediterranean Shipwreck

Readings: Acts 27: 1-44; 28: 1-10 & 28-31

Paul’s voyage to Rome was under the guard of a centurion called Julius.