A11 Paul

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Lesson 1: Paul (Saul) at Antioch

Readings: Acts 11: 19-30

Do you enjoy helping your mom at home? Maybe you set the table or help her with the cooking. Barnabas was one of God’s helpers. He went to a city called Antioch to teach people about the Lord Jesus. Soon he became so busy that he needed a helper. Then he remembered about Saul. Off he went and found him.

Lesson 2: Paul (Saul) in Cyprus

Readings: Acts 13: 1-12

God wanted Barnabas and Saul to go to other places to tell people about the Lord Jesus. So they went on a boat to an island called Cyprus. The Lord Jesus wants people in every land to know about Him.

Lesson 3: Paul meets Lydia

Readings: Acts 16: 6-15

Some time later, Paul went on a journey with two helpers called Silas and Timothy. God led them across the sea to a town called Philippi. There they found some ladies praying beside the river. Although the ladies believed in God, they had never heard how God’s Son, the Lord Jesus, had come from Heaven and died for their sin.

Lesson 4: Paul and Silas in jail

Readings: Acts 16: 16-34

Poor Paul and Silas were in jail! Some people in Philippi had got them into trouble! Even though they were uncomfortable and sore from being beaten, they were still singing hymns and praying to God at midnight!