A2 Noah

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Lesson 1: Noah obeys God

Readings: Genesis 6: 5-22

When God first made our world, everything was good and beautiful. Before long, Adam and Eve disobeyed Him. Their children became selfish and wicked and God was sorry that He had ever made them.

Lesson 2: Safe in the Ark

Readings: Genesis 7: 1-16

During the time that Noah was building the Ark, no doubt many people would have asked him what he was making. Noah would have warned them about what God was going to do. But nobody believed Noah. They just laughed at him! Nevertheless, Noah still believed what God had said. Now Noah and his family were safe in the Ark.

Lesson 3: A brand new start

Readings: Genesis 8: 1-19

At last the rain had stopped. But the floods still hid the mountains from sight. One day, Noah sent a raven from the Ark, to see if the water had gone down, but the raven never came back. Later, Noah sent out a dove which soon returned. A week later he sent it again and everyone was really pleased when it returned with an olive leaf in its beak. This meant that the tops of the trees were now above the water.

Lesson 4: God’s promise

Readings: Genesis 8: 20-22 & 9: 8-17

Noah and his family were safe! They had been in the Ark for a long time, but now God said that Noah, his family and the animals could leave the Ark.