A3 Life of Peter

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Lesson 1: Jesus calls Peter

Readings: Matthew 4: 17-22

At the seaside you often see fishermen at work with their boats and nets. In the Bible Reading we meet the Lord Jesus walking along the shore of Lake Galilee.

Lesson 2: The big catch

Readings: Luke 5: 1-11

Crowds gather to see a special event or a famous person. Here on the shore of Lake Galilee (sometimes called Gennesaret), a huge crowd was pushing theirway up to the Lord Jesus to listen to Him.

Lesson 3: Jesus save Peter

Readings: Matthew 14: 22-33

If you have ever been in a boat during a fierce storm you will know how frightening it is. Imagine, then, how scared the disciples were on this wild and windy night.

Lesson 4: Who is Jesus?

Readings: Matthew 16: 13-23

Simon Peter had seen the Lord Jesus do some wonderful things. Now he knew that the Lord Jesus was more than an ordinary man. But many others were still very unsure.