A3 Peter

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Lesson 1: His Call

Readings: Matthew 4: 17-22; John 1: 35- 42

It was Simon Peter’s brother who introduced him to the Lord Jesus. The story of how it happened is in the second Bible Reading.

Lesson 2: His Challenge

Readings: Matthew 14: 22-33

The setting for this study is the Lake of Galilee, the very place where Peter had learned to be a fisherman. In this Bible Reading, we find out that he learned other important things there, too!

Lesson 3: His Confession

Readings: Matthew 16: 13-28

In this study we leave the Lake of Galilee, and travel northwards.

Lesson 4: On the Mountain

Readings: Matthew 17: 1-13

This study is about a very special experience which Peter and two other disciples had when they went with Jesus up a high mountain.