A5 Abraham

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Lesson 1: God calls Abram

Readings: Genesis 12: 1-9

Have you ever moved to a new house? What a lot of packing has to be done! How exciting to live in a new home! Abram was a man who left the place where he was born and travelled hundreds of miles to a new country. He had a very special reason for moving. God had told him to leave his own country and go to a land which He would show him.

Lesson 2: Abram and Lot

Readings: Genesis 13: 1-18

Abram became a very rich man. He had many camels, goats and sheep. His nephew Lot also had many flocks and herds. Sometimes their servants would quarrel because there was not enough grass for all the animals.

Lesson 3: God’s promises

Readings: Genesis 15: 1-7

We are happy when someone whom we can really trust makes us a promise. We know that some day the promise will come true. God had given Abram many promises. He knew that God would do as He had said, but sometimes he wondered how he could be head of a big nation. He and Sarai hadn’t even one son!

Lesson 4: Abraham and the visitors

Readings: Genesis 18: 1-15

Do you like having visitors? One hot day, as Abraham was sitting in the doorway of his tent, he saw three strangers and immediately ran to meet them. He offered to bring them water to wash their feet, and some bread to eat.