A6 Abraham

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Lesson 1: His Call

Readings: Genesis 11: 27-32; 12: 1-9

Although Abraham lived thousands of years ago, his trust in God has been an example to Christians for many centuries. When we first read about him in the Bible, he is known as Abram.

Lesson 2: His Choice

Readings: Genesis 13: 1-18; 14: 1-16

We are making choices all the time – subjects to study at school, a career to aim for, which sport to play and which friends to have. We also make choices about God – whether to follow the Lord or go our own way. In this study we learn how to make the right choice in our lives.

Lesson 3: His Confidence

Readings: Genesis 15: 1-7, 17: 1-19; 18: 1-15

Do you believe everything you’re told? Whether you do or not depends on who has spoken. Abram was learning that whatever God said would come true. Abram had a problem. God had promised him a family, but as yet he had no children.

Lesson 4: The Challenge

Readings: Genesis 22: 1-19

Abraham now faces the greatest test of his life. He had waited so long for Isaac to be born, and now his son becomes the centre of God’s test.