A6 Abraham

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Lesson 1: Abraham listens to God

Readings: Genesis 22: 1-9

One day God asked Abraham to do something very hard. “Take your son Isaac”, said God, “and give him back to Me”. It was the hardest thing Abraham had ever been asked to do. But he loved God more than he loved Isaac, so he obeyed Him at once. Just as he was about to offer Isaac on an altar, God stopped him.

Lesson 2: Abraham obeys God

Readings: Genesis 22: 9-14

As God spoke, Abraham looked around and saw a ram caught by its horns in a bush. He put the ram on the altar, instead of Isaac. It died in Isaac’s place. When God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, into the world, He was nailed to a cross. He was there for us, dying for our sin. There was no one to take HIS place!

Lesson 3: God’s help

Readings: Genesis 24: 1-28

Do you see the man talking to the woman in the picture? He is Abraham’s servant who has come on a very long journey. Abraham has sent him to find a wife for Isaac. The man has asked God to help him find the right young woman. The man stopped beside a well. Many women come to this well. One young woman, named Rebekah, gave the man and his camels a drink. She was the one God had chosen for Isaac.

Lesson 4: God’s choice

Readings: Genesis 24: 28-67

Rebekah ran home to tell her family the news about Abraham’s servant. Her brother Laban came out to meet the man and welcome him to their home. The man told the family about the special job that Abraham had given him to do. He told them how God had led him to Rebekah. They asked Rebekah if she would go back with the man to be Isaac’s wife. She agreed to go with him. After a long journey they reached Isaac’s home. Before long she became his wife. Isaac loved Rebekah very much and they were very happy because he knew that God had chosen Rebekah for him.