A7 Peter

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Lesson 1: Peter preaching

Readings: Acts 2: 1-14, 36-39

The Lord Jesus had died, and had been raised to life again. Then a few weeks later, He had gone back to Heaven. Before He left, He promised to send the Holy Spirit to help His disciples to tell the people the wonderful news about the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 2: Peter heals a lame man

Readings: Acts 3: 1-12

Try to think what it would be like if you couldn’t walk! You would miss out on many things like running around, taking part in sports, and going for hikes! Life would be very different! This story is about a lame man. Right from his birth, he had been disabled, and now he is over 40 years old! Because he couldn’t walk, he became a beggar; every day his friends carried him to the gate of the Temple at Jerusalem. There he would sit all day, hoping that kind people would give him some money.

Lesson 3: Peter in prison

Readings: Acts 4: 1-22

The crowd of people around Peter and John grew bigger. Peter was telling them that the lame beggar had been healed by the power of the Lord Jesus. It was true that Jesus had died, but Peter was completely sure that God had raised Him from the dead.

Lesson 4: Peter is released

Readings: Acts 4: 23-31

How happy Peter and John must have been when they were allowed to walk free, after their trial by the court in Jerusalem! They went at once to tell the other Christians what had happened, and especially about how they had been ordered to stop speaking about their Lord and Saviour, Jesus.