A8 Being A Christian

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Lesson 1: Learning about prayer

Readings: Luke 11: 1-10; Matthew 6: 5-15

The Gospel of Luke records many of the occasions when the Lord Jesus prayed. He is the greatest example of a man of prayer. Therefore, all Christians should follow the example of the Lord Jesus and spend time ‘talking with God’ in prayer.

Lesson 2: Learning about the Bible

Readings: Acts 17: 10-14; 2 Timothy 3: 14-17

One of the main ways we can learn about God is to read and study His Word, the Bible, sometimes called the ‘Holy Scriptures’.

Lesson 3: Living for God

Readings: John 15: 1-17; Galatians 5: 22 & 23

Gardeners usually prune their roses at the end of winter. If you have ever watched them, you may have thought they were very harsh. For, when they have finished, there doesn’t seem to be much left! Yet in the summer, those same bushes will produce much growth and have many beautiful flowers. This reminds us that our lives should be like plants. As plants produce beautiful flowers, so we, in our lives, should produce characteristics of the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 4: Giving to God

Readings: Mark 12: 41- 44; Matthew 6: 1- 4

The last of the studies concerns giving. How much should we give? How often should we give? How should we give?