A8 Lessons about Prayer

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Lesson 1: What is prayer?

Readings: Psalm 5: 1-8

Have you ever met someone who is really important? If you ever do, you may not know what to say to that person – you could be ‘lost for words’! Prayer is talking to God, who is the most important Person. Sometimes it’s difficult because we don’t know what to say. King David, who wrote the Bible Reading, didn’t always find prayer easy. This set of lessons is all about prayer, and hopefully they will help you to understand more about talking to God.

Lesson 2: Does God hear our prayers?

Readings: Luke 18: 9-14

Some people love to talk about themselves. They like to tell others what they have and what they do. Here is a story which the Lord Jesus told. It is about two men, one of whom was a very strict, religious Jew called a PHARISEE. The other was a TAX COLLECTOR, or publican, who was hated by everyone because he worked for the Romans.

Lesson 3: How should we pray?

Readings: Matthew 6: 5-15

Most people have prayed at some time during their lives. Perhaps when a relative was very ill, or when they needed something. However, God wants us to pray regularly, not just when things go wrong. The Lord Jesus showed His disciples how they should pray regularly. In the days of the Lord Jesus, some people used to stand on the street corners and pray long prayers, using big words, so that they would be seen and heard by everyone.

Lesson 4: Does God answer prayer?

Readings: 1 Samuel 1: 1-20

God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way we want Him to. Sometimes He doesn’t answer our prayers as quickly as we would like. However, His answers and His plans are always the best! In the Bible Reading we see that Hannah didn’t have any children. This caused her great sadness. The other members of the family didn’t understand how she felt.