B1 Life of Christ

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Lesson 1: Mary and Joseph in the Temple

Readings: Luke 2: 22-38

When we receive a present on our birthday it’s always right to say, “Thank you”. Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem, to say, “Thank You” to God for giving them this Baby, but there was a surprise waiting for them!

Lesson 2: Growing up in Nazareth

Readings: Luke 2: 39-52

The Lord Jesus grew up with his mother Mary and Joseph. They lived in Galilee, in a town called Nazareth. There was a special time each year, called the Feast of the Passover, when they would leave Nazareth and visit Jerusalem, along with many other families. It was always an exciting time for the children and after the Feast everyone would return home together, having stayed in the big city for several days.

Lesson 3: Baptized in the River Jordan

Readings: Luke 3: 1-22

Whatever was going on down by the River Jordan? Crowds of people gathered around to listen, and watch, and then went home to tell their friends and neighbours. At the centre of all the attention was a man called John.

Lesson 4: Tempted in the desert

Readings: Luke 4: 1-13

Maybe you have been alone for a moment at school and have seen something that doesn’t belong to you, like a bag of chips, and thought about taking them. You were being tempted to do wrong. Saying “No” to things that are wrong is not always easy. Let’s find out what the Lord Jesus did.