B1 The Parables

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Lesson 1: Who is my Neighbour?

Readings: Luke 10: 25-37

Who is your neighbour? The people who live on your street? The people who live next door? Your school friends? The Lord Jesus was asked the same question. He replied by telling a parable.

Lesson 2: The Rich Farmer

Readings: Luke 12: 13-21

What is the most important thing in your life? Perhaps it is something you have, or maybe it is someone you know. Every day we are bombarded by commercials on the television showing us the newest toy or latest gadget, and everyone at school seems to want them. How important are those things to you? Nothing in this world lasts forever, but God has a gift which does. It is the treasure that He gives you when you trust in the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 3: The Sower

Readings: Mark 4: 1-20

It was a lovely day and the crowds had gathered in a beautiful spot beside the Sea of Galilee. They were all eager to hear more of the wonderful teaching of the Lord Jesus. As they pushed closer, the Lord Jesus asked one of the fishermen to let Him use his boat. From the boat the Lord Jesus could speak to the crowds, and maybe on the hillside He could see, as He spoke, a farmer sowing his seed.

Lesson 4: Forgiving Others

Readings: Matthew 18: 21-35

How easy do you find it to forgive people? Sometimes it is easier to forgive than at other times.