B10 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: Moses and the first plague

Readings: Exodus 7: 1-24

Time after time, Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh, king of Egypt, that God wanted him to let his Hebrew slaves go free. But Pharaoh would not listen. He would not obey God. His heart was becoming harder and harder against God.

Lesson 2: Moses and the last plague

Readings: Exodus 11: 1-10; 12: 1-13

The last plague was much worse than the other nine. Pharaoh still refused to obey God, and a terrible thing was going to happen. The first-born in every Egyptian family would die on the same night!

Lesson 3: Moses and the escape from Egypt

Readings: Exodus 12: 31-39; 14: 1-31

On the night when so many people died in Egypt, Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron. “Take all your people, and get out of my country,” he said. Soon thousands of Israelites were on their way towards the Red Sea.

Lesson 4: Moses thanks God

Readings: Exodus 15: 1-21

When someone helps us, it is always right to say, “Thank you”. God had saved the Israelites, and they would never again be the slaves of the Egyptians, They wanted to thank Him, so they began to sing praises to the Lord. God is always pleased when people remember to thank Him for His help.