PBS B11 Level 2

B11 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: God gives food to the Israelites

Readings: Exodus 16: 1-32

How good God had been to the Israelites! It’s hard to believe that soon they were grumbling. They had eaten all the food they had brought with them, so they complained to Moses. They told him that they wouldn’t have been hungry if they had stayed in Egypt. What a pity they couldn’t trust God to help them! He had a special plan to see that His people would always have food to eat.

Lesson 2: God gives the victory

Readings: Exodus 17: 8-15

Soon the Israelites had another problem. An enemy army, called the Amalekites, started attacking them. The Israelites would have to fight back, so Moses told his helper, Joshua, to choose an army.

Lesson 3: God gives commandments

Readings: Exodus 19-20

After some more travelling, the people came to a large mountain called Sinai, where they set up camp. This was the place where God would meet with Moses to give him commandments, or rules, for all the Israelites to keep.

Lesson 4: God gives salvation

Readings: Numbers 21: 4-9

The Israelites had been travelling through the desert for a long time. Sadly, they kept on grumbling. God was still giving them manna. How ungrateful they had become! God was angry at the things they were saying, so He decided to punish them.