PBS B11 Level 1

B11 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: God gives food

Readings: Exodus 16: 1-32

After only a few weeks in the desert, the Israelites started to grumble. They became very unhappy, and said many unkind things to Moses and Aaron, their leaders. “We should have stayed in Egypt,” they said. “We had plenty to eat there, but now we are starving to death!”

Lesson 2: God gives victory

Readings: Exodus 17: 8-15

One day, soldiers called Amalekites, started fighting against the Israelites. Moses’ helper, Joshua, quickly gathered together an army. Off they went to fight the enemy. Soon a big battle started.

Lesson 3: God gives commandments

Readings: Exodus 19 & 20

The Israelites came to a big mountain called Sinai. Moses went up the mountain. There was a lot of thunder and lightning, as well as thick cloud and fire. It was very frightening.

Lesson 4: God gives salvation

Readings: Numbers 21: 4-9

One day, the Israelites started to complain. “Why did you bring us out of Egypt to die in the desert? There’s no proper food or water, and we hate this manna,” they said to Moses. How wrong it is to grumble and complain about God’s gifts! God let poisonous snakes attack them! In a short time, many Israelites were bitten, and were dying, because of their sins!