PBS B12 Level 1

B12 The Christmas Story

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Lesson 1: Joseph and the Angel

Readings: Matthew 1: 18-25

Joseph and Mary were planning to get married, but one day Mary told Joseph that she was expecting a baby. Joseph knew he wasn’t the father, so although he loved Mary very much, he decided he would not marry her.

Lesson 2: Herod and the Wise Men

Readings: Matthew 2: 1-8

A new star had appeared in the sky. Wise Men in the east knew that this was a sign of the birth of a new King. They travelled to Jerusalem wanting to find the Child so they could worship Him. This news didn’t please Herod. He was king and he did not want anyone else to take his place!

Lesson 3: The Wise Men and Jesus

Readings: Matthew 2: 9-12

After the Wise Men had left Herod, they saw the star again. The star led them to the place where Jesus was! The Wise Men were very happy when they saw the star. Soon they would meet the One they had travelled so far to see!

Lesson 4: The escape to Egypt

Readings: Matthew 2: 13-23

Herod had been waiting for the return of the Wise Men. But they did not arrive! They had obeyed God and gone straight home. Herod became very angry and decided that every boy in Bethlehem who was under two years old must be killed!