B3 The Town of Bethany

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Lesson 1: In the Home

Readings: Luke 10: 38- 42

During the three years of His public work, nobody knows how many miles the Lord Jesus walked in His travels through Judea and Galilee. He must often have been tired and hungry, and felt ready for a rest. It is very likely that the home of Mary and Martha was a place where He was always welcome for a rest and a meal.

Lesson 2: At the Tomb

Readings: John 11: 1- 44

It was sometime later that the Lord Jesus made another visit to Bethany. It’s likely that He was a regular visitor there.

Lesson 3: At the Table

Readings: John 11: 55-57; 12: 1-11

After the resurrection of Lazarus, it might have been thought that everyone would believe that Jesus was the Messiah. This was not the case. Instead, the chief priests and Pharisees plotted to kill Him.

Lesson 4: On the Way

Readings: Luke 19: 28- 41

The Lord Jesus is preparing for what is now sometimes called ‘Palm Sunday’ or the ‘Triumphal Entry’ into Jerusalem. Once again, He is near Bethany and ready to make the final ascent to the great city. In this series of studies we have been thinking of three other occasions when the Lord visited Bethany.