B6 Life of Joseph

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Lesson 1: The Young Dreamer

Readings: Genesis 37: 1-11

At this time, the Hebrew people didn’t live in houses but in tents. These were woven from goats’ hair. Joseph’s family had large flocks of sheep and goats, and they had to move about to find new pasture.

Lesson 2: The Hated Brother

Readings: Genesis 37: 12-36

Some time later, Jacob told Joseph to visit his brothers and see how they and their flocks were doing. They had travelled many miles from home in search of fresh pastures for their flocks.

Lesson 3: The Faithful Prisoner

Readings: Genesis 39: 1-6, 19-23

Joseph’s brothers thought that he had gone for ever. They may have forgotten him, but God hadn’t!

Lesson 4: The New Leader

Readings: Genesis 41: 14-49

While Joseph was in the prison, two of the king’s officials, who were also there, each had a dream. God helped Joseph to explain their meaning and in both cases Joseph’s explanation proved to be correct. Joseph had asked the butler to speak to the king on his behalf when he was back at the royal palace, but the butler forgot his promise and didn’t do anything to help Joseph until two years later!