PBS B7 Level 4

B7 Joseph

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Lesson 1: His Teenage Testing

Readings: Genesis 39: 1-23; 40: 1-23

After the journey into Egypt, Joseph was taken to the market place and put among the other slaves for sale. He was bought by a very influential man, called Potiphar, who was captain of the palace guard.

Lesson 2: His Palace Promotion

Readings: Genesis 41: 1-45

One night Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, had a dream. The dream was repeated in another form. The two dreams were so similar that it was obvious to the king that they had an important meaning.

Lesson 3: His Caring Conduct

Readings: Genesis 42-43

Joseph quickly took up the task which the king had given him. The land produced abundant grain during the first seven years. Joseph collected it and stored it in the cities. There was so much food that eventually they stopped keeping a record of it.

Lesson 4: His Full Forgiveness

Readings: Genesis 44-45

Now the brothers are in trouble again! Joseph’s silver cup was missing after the meal they had eaten with him. They had set out for home and Joseph’s steward had caught up with them. He accused them of stealing the cup,and brought them back to Joseph.