B7 Life of Joseph

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Lesson 1: Joseph’s brothers arrive

Readings: Genesis 42: 1-26

Everything happened just as Joseph had said. Seven years of good harvests were followed by seven years of famine. Food was very scarce, but Joseph’s storehouses were full of grain, and he was able to supply the hungry people.

Lesson 2: Benjamin and Bad News

Readings: Genesis 42-44

All of Joseph’s brothers were shocked to find their money buried in their sacks of corn. They were very afraid of what might happen to them, if they ever went back to Egypt. But with Simeon being in prison, they really had to go.

Lesson 3: Forgiveness and Good News

Readings: Genesis 45: 1-28

When Joseph’s silver cup was found in Benjamin’s sack, they all had to go back to Joseph. He pretended to be very angry with them. After a little while, however, he said none of them would be put to death, but Benjamin would become his slave. The others could go home to their father.

Lesson 4: Together in Egypt

Readings: Genesis 46: 1-34

When Joseph’s brothers returned to Canaan, the first thing they had to do was to tell their father that Joseph was still alive, and that he was ruler of all Egypt.