B7 Life of Joseph

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Lesson 1: Joseph’s brothers arrive

Readings: Genesis 42: 1-26

The years of famine came, just as Joseph had said. His brothers, who lived in Canaan, heard there was plenty of corn in Egypt, so they went to buy some. They left their youngest brother, Benjamin, at home with their father.

Lesson 2: Benjamin and Bad News

Readings: Genesis 42 to 44

Before very long, Joseph’s brothers had to go to Egypt for more corn. They took Benjamin, even though their father didn’t want to let him go. If Benjamin didn’t go, Simeon would never get out of the prison!

Lesson 3: Forgiveness and Good News!

Readings: Genesis 45: 1-28

The brothers begged Joseph not to punish Benjamin. They said their father would die of grief, if Benjamin didn’t come back home. Joseph could see that his brothers had changed – they now cared about each other and their father.

Lesson 4: Together in Egypt

Readings: Genesis 46: 1-34

When Joseph’s brothers told their father that Joseph was still alive, and that he was ruler of all Egypt, the old man could hardly believe it! But when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent, he knew it must be true