B9 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: The birth of Moses

Readings: Exodus 2: 1-10

Do you have a baby brother or sister? Perhaps you help to look after the baby. Moses was born a Hebrew in the land of Egypt. At that time the Egyptian king, called Pharaoh, ordered that all Hebrew baby boys should be thrown into the River Nile.

Lesson 2: Moses’ big mistake

Readings: Exodus 2: 11-15

Sometimes we think we know better than anyone else. We then make silly mistakes and do things wrong. One day, when he was grown up, Moses saw one of his people, a Hebrew slave, being beaten by an Egyptian.

Lesson 3: Moses sees a burning bush

Readings: Exodus 3: 1-22

When we are going to do a job for someone they usually tell us very carefully what they want us to do. God had a special job for Moses, who was now working as a shepherd in Midian. This was the land to which he had run away. So that Moses would know it was a very special job, God spoke to him from a burning bush.

Lesson 4: Moses brings God’s message

Readings: Exodus 4: 1-23

God told Moses to go to Pharaoh. He was to tell Pharaoh to let the Hebrew slaves go free. Moses didn’t want to return to Egypt. He began to make excuses. Each time, God promised to be with him and help him. God said that he would send Moses’ brother, Aaron, to speak to Pharaoh.