C1 Daniel

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Lesson 1: Serving God

Readings: Daniel 1: 1-7; 2: 1-19, 24- 49

The story of Daniel begins with his homeland of Judah being invaded by a foreign power and Daniel being captured. The overthrow of Judah had been prophesied, and was a punishment sent by God because of the disobedience of His people.

Lesson 2: Standing for God

Readings: Daniel 3: 1-30

Having dreamed about an image, Nebuchadnezzar decided to make one. All the people were told that they had to bow down and worship it, when they heard the sound of music being played. This was something Daniel’s friends refused to do.

Lesson 3: Speaking for God

Readings: Daniel 5: 1-31

Daniel is now much older. The king is no longer Nebuchadnezzar, but Belshazzar. Sadly, King Belshazzar had not learned from Nebuchadnezzar’s mistakes, but was just as proud and arrogant.

Lesson 4: Suffering for God

Readings: Daniel 6: 1-28

Yet another invasion had led to Daniel serving under a new king. Whether he lived under the Babylonians or Medes and Persians, Daniel continued to be trustworthy and hardworking. Above all, he remained faithful to God, who never let him down.