C12 Christ’s Birth

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Lesson 1: Promises Given

Readings: Genesis 3: 1-24; Isaiah 7: 14-16

What a dark hour for the world when sin broke the relationship between man and God! Yet even at that moment, God’s promise of a Saviour shone like a bright star, bringing hope – even to us!

Lesson 2: Problems Faced

Readings: Matthew 1: 18-25

Joseph faced a very difficult decision. He discovered that Mary, whom he was shortly to marry, was expecting a baby! He must have wondered who was responsible.

Lesson 3: Prophecies Fulfilled

Readings: Matthew 2: 1-12

The birth of the Lord Jesus was no accident! It was not planned by Mary and Joseph, but it was wonderfully and carefully arranged by God Himself! As well as sending angels to announce the news to the shepherds, God gave an extraordinary sign in the heavens declaring His birth!

Lesson 4: Persecution Begins

Readings: Matthew 2: 13-23

Herod felt threatened by the birth of Christ. He ordered the slaughter of all the boys aged two and under, in the Bethlehem district. In doing this, he was hoping that the Lord Jesus would be among those killed! His plan was evil, as Satan was behind it. Genesis 3: 15 was being fulfilled, in part.