C2 People Jesus Met

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Lesson 1: Jesus meets a man in Jericho

Readings: Luke 19: 1-10

The man in the Bible Reading worked in the city of Jericho, collecting taxes. Some Bibles call him a ‘publican’; others refer to him by the more up-to-date term, ‘tax collector’.

Lesson 2: Jesus meets a woman at a well

Readings: John 4: 5-30

In the previous lesson we noted how the Jews hated tax collectors. In this lesson, we are reminded of how they disliked another group of people.

Lesson 3: Jesus meets a man at night

Readings: John 3: 1-16

Each year, we like to celebrate our birthday! It’s fun to get birthday cards, and perhaps a present! We may even have a party and a cake with candles on it! In the Bible Reading, the Lord Jesus is explaining how a person can be “born again”, or “born anew”.

Lesson 4: Jesus meets a blind man

Readings: John 9: 1-38

Born blind! How tragic! But the Lord Jesus had compassion on such a man, and used His power to give him perfect eyesight.