C2 The Sayings of Jesus

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Lesson 1: About Sin

Readings: Luke 19: 1-10

The newspaper headlines often contain important statements, perhaps the words of a President or Prime Minister. Very soon, their speeches are forgotten, but the words of the Lord Jesus are still read and remembered, nearly 2000 years after they were spoken.

Lesson 2: About Sight

Readings: John 9: 1- 41

Have you ever tried to walk around your house in the dark when the power was out, perhaps feeling your way around the furniture and falling over something you couldn’t see? You would soon find out that you were in danger and didn’t really know where you were going. The blind and the partially sighted have these problems all the time. People who don’t know the Lord Jesus are also like that. They can’t see where they are going in their lives and fail to understand the danger ahead.

Lesson 3: About Shepherds

Readings: John 10: 1-33

We have used two incidents in the life of the Lord Jesus to help us understand His great sayings, but in this Bible Reading the Lord Jesus used a parable or story to illustrate His message.

Lesson 4: About Salvation

Readings: John 3: 1-16

Sometimes the Lord Jesus spoke in parables, or in simple statements, sometimes to crowds, or to individuals. He spoke words of warning and on other occasions words of help and comfort.