C3 People Jesus Helped

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Lesson 1: Jesus helps a sick man

Readings: John 5: 1-15

Many people whom Jesus met had problems. Because He is the Son of God, Jesus had power to help them. In these lessons we will learn about some of the people whom He helped.

Lesson 2: Jesus helps a sad man

Readings: Mark 5: 21-43

Jesus had just crossed over Lake Galilee. News spread that He had arrived and soon a crowd gathered. One man, in particular, was very anxious to speak to the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 3: Jesus helps a soldier’s servant

Readings: Luke 7: 1-10

This lesson is about an important Roman soldier called a centurion.

Lesson 4: Jesus helps a hungry crowd

Readings: John 6: 1-15

Do you enjoy going on a picnic? This lesson is about an enormous picnic, made possible by the Lord Jesus.