C4 The Easter Story

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Lesson 1: Tried and Crucified

Readings: Luke 23: 1-33

Pilate was the Governor of Judea. The enemies of Jesus had to persuade Pilate that Jesus deserved to die.

Lesson 2: Buried and Risen

Readings: Luke 23: 44-56; 24: 1-12

Following the death of the Lord Jesus, we are introduced to a man whom we had not heard about previously. John 19: 38 tells us that he was a secret follower of Jesus.

Lesson 3: Seen and Heard

Readings: Luke 24: 13-35; 3: 1-7

The day the Lord Jesus rose from the dead is now called the first Easter Sunday. It was an exciting day! The Bible Reading is about one of the events that took place that day.

Lesson 4: Doubted and Believed

Readings: John 20: 19-31

To Thomas, it seemed just too good to be true! He refused to believe. But Thomas was to have a great surprise!