C5 Ruth

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Lesson 1: A family away from God

Readings: Ruth 1: 1-14

The peaceful story of Ruth is set in the violent times of the book of Judges. There was a crisis in the land of Israel. What was that crisis?

Lesson 2: Naomi returns to God

Readings: Ruth 1: 15-22

Orpah made her decision, and took her final, tearful farewell of Naomi and Ruth. She turned and walked away from them, back towards her mother’s home. So Orpah passes from the story.

Lesson 3: Widows guided by God

Readings: Ruth 2: 1-23

The fields of Bethlehem lay at several different levels and so the grain did not ripen all at once. The harvesting period could last for a long time. This would be a great help to Ruth because the poor were allowed to follow the reapers and pick up any grain that was left. This was called ‘gleaning’.

Lesson 4: Boaz and Ruth blessed by God

Readings: Ruth 3: 1-18; 4: 1-17

Naomi had a problem. She wanted to recover the land Elimelech had owned. But the buyer had to be a relative who would also marry Ruth, so that the land would stay in the family. Naomi knew that Boaz was a close relative and would possibly buy the land.