C8 Joshua

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Lesson 1: Joshua becomes the new leader

Readings: Joshua 1: 1-18

Moses had been leading God’s people, Israel, for many years. Now he had died and a new leader was needed to bring the Israelites into the promised land of Canaan. Joshua was told by God he was to be this new leader.

Lesson 2: Joshua and the new land

Readings: Joshua 2: 1-24

Joshua now sent two spies to Canaan to look over the land. They went to Jericho and stayed at the house of Rahab. Jericho was surrounded by walls and Rahab lived in a house on the wall. The King of Jericho heard that the spies had come to Jericho and sent for them at Rahab’s house. Rahab took the men up to the roof and hid them under some bundles of flax. Then she told the king’s messengers they had already left the city.

Lesson 3: Joshua and Jordan

Readings: Joshua 3: 1-17; 4: 1-24

Have you ever had a problem which worried you because you didn’t know how to solve it? Joshua had a big problem. How was he to get all the people across the River Jordan? There was no bridge and the river was flooded.

Lesson 4: Joshua and Jericho

Readings: Joshua 6: 1-25

The people of Jericho were scared of the army of the Israelites. They had closed the gates and no one went in or out of the city.