C8 The Book of Joshua

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Lesson 1: Leading the People

Readings: Joshua 1: 1-11

Changing classes, or even schools, or moving house is always exciting, but also rather frightening, because we can never be quite sure what will happen in a new situation. It was just like this for Israel’s new leader.

Lesson 2: Spying the Land

Readings: Joshua 2: 1-24

Joshua had once been a spy himself. He had explored the land of Canaan almost forty years ago, and now he wants an up-to-date report of what the situation is. When Joshua had been sent as a spy, he had 11 companions.

Lesson 3: Crossing the River

Readings: Joshua 3: 1-17

Before Joshua’s great army could attack the city they had another obstacle to cross.

Lesson 4: Obeying the Lord

Readings: Joshua 6: 1-25

After the spies’ report, and the crossing of Jordan, the Israelites were now ready to attack Jericho. They could not advance far into the land God had promised them, until they had captured this city.