A2 Noah

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Lesson 1: Building the Ark

Readings: Genesis 6: 5-22

Do you have rules at school? Often we don’t like rules, but they are usually made for our safety and for the good of everyone. When you disobey school rules you can expect to be punished. God is love. He is also holy and just, so He must punish those who disobey His rules. The story of Noah shows what happened to people when they disobeyed God and went their own way.

Lesson 2: Into the Ark

Readings: Genesis 7: 1-20

How do your family members show you that they love you? As well as feeding and caring for you, they teach you the right way to do things. This sometimes means that you’re told off when you do wrong. Part of showing your family that you love them is to do as they tell you. Noah showed how much he loved God by obeying Him. He did exactly what God told him to do.

Lesson 3: Saved by the Ark

Readings: Genesis 8: 1-22

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel very frightened? It is at times like that you’re glad you have someone looking after you. We need the care and protection of those who love us. The Bible says God looks after those who trust in Him. He certainly did this for Noah when the great flood came.

Lesson 4: Out of the Ark

Readings: Genesis 9: 7-17

What does it mean to make a promise? We usually say, “I promise”, if we intend to make every possible effort to do as we have said. Has anyone ever broken a promise to you? It’s very hurtful when this happens.