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There are four key age groups targeted by the Bibletime Lessons. These grades cover basic Bible stories and the major Bible characters. Each grade has a structured three year syllabus with four lessons per month. The lessons are presented in a direct, graphic and interesting way. Levels 3 & 4 commence with a four month Starter Series based on Luke’s gospel.

This is an introduction to the concept of Bible study for the very young. The grade is suitable for the age range 4-6 years, approximately. Basic Bible stories are told simply and there are one or two easy exercises to do in each lesson e.g. colouring, circling answers, etc. The stories should be read to the children. All the information needed to complete the tasks is to be found in the lesson.

An outline of the syllabus for Level 1 is shown below:

1CreationLife of ChristDaniel
2NoahMiraclesMore Miracles
3PeterTown of BethanyPeople Jesus Met
4PeterThe CrossDeath of Christ
5AbrahamParablesRuth and Samuel
6AbrahamLife of JosephDavid
7PeterLife of JosephDavid
8PeterPeople Jesus MetJoshua
9JacobLife of MosesElijah
10Stephen, Philip, SaulLife of MosesElisha
11PaulLife of MosesJonah
12The Christmas StoryThe Christmas StoryThe Christmas Story

The syllabus for Level 2 is basically the same as the Level 1, regarding the subject matter. It is however, covered in greater depth, and the lessons have more answers to be completed. Level 2 is suitable for an approximate age range of 7-9 years. The lessons are kept simple so that they will be easily understood and completed. This grade introduces the concept of the Key Verse. This is a weekly verse, which is highlighted in the lesson and can be memorized by the child.

An outline of the syllabus for Level 2 is shown below:

  A B C
1 Creation Life of Christ Daniel
2 Noah Miracles More Miracles
3 Peter Town of Bethany People Jesus Met
4 Peter The Cross Death of Christ
5 Abraham Parables Ruth and Samuel
6 Abraham Life of Joseph David
7 Peter Life of Joseph David
8 Peter People Jesus Met Joshua
9 Jacob Life of Moses Elijah
10 Stephen, Philip, Saul Life of Moses Elisha
11 Paul Life of Moses Jonah
12 The Christmas Story The Christmas Story The Christmas Story

Those who progress from Level 2 to Level 3 will find the studies more challenging in every way. Students are required to read the Bible passage, which is given at the head of each lesson.

Level 3 will ask questions which cannot be answered without turning to the Bible. This grade therefore, ensures that the student will develop the practice of searching in the Scriptures for the appropriate answers. Over 40 different ways of asking questions have been used. This grade is for those aged approximately 10-12 years old.

An outline of the syllabus for Level 3 is shown below:

1Creation and the FallThe ParablesLife of Daniel
2NoahThe MiraclesPeople Jesus Met
3Life of PeterThe Town of BethanyPeople Jesus Helped
4Life of PeterThe Lord JesusThe Death of Christ
5Life of PeterThe Lord’s ServantsThe Book of Ruth
6Journeys of AbrahamLife of Joseph1 & 2 Samuel
7Life of JacobLife of Joseph1 & 2 Samuel
8Lessons about PrayerThe Gospel WritersThe Book of Joshua
9Life of PaulLife of Moses1 & 2 Kings
10Life of PaulLife of Moses1 & 2 Kings
11Life of PaulLife of MosesThe Book of Judges
12The First ChristmasChristmas JoyThe Christmas Story

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Level 4 has been developed with teenagers in mind. Those doing these studies are usually 13 years of age, or over.

In order to complete the lessons there is a need to read more of the Scriptures and to search them in greater depth. As a result the lessons learned are of real value to young people, and provide genuine help for daily life. Each study has a Suggested Further Reading section, for the interested student who wishes to look deeper into God’s Word on his own.

An outline of the syllabus for Level 4 is shown below:

  A B C
1 Creation & the Fall The Parables Character of Daniel
2 Early Times in Genesis The Miracles The Sayings of Jesus
3 Character of Peter The Town of Bethany The Lord’s Power
4 Character of Peter The Lord Jesus The Easter Story
5 Character of Peter Early Christians (Acts) Character of Ruth
6 Character of Abraham Jacob & His Family Character of Samuel
7 Character of Jacob Character of Joseph Character of David
8 Being A Christian The Way Ahead Character of Joshua
9 Character of Paul Character of Moses Character of Elijah
10 Character of Paul Character of Moses Character of Elisha
11 Character of Paul The Law Men of the O.T.
12 The Saviour’s Birth The Wonder of Christmas Christ’s Birth

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