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Are you over the age of 16 and want to dig deeper into the Word of God? Do you want to live with a greater sense of purpose? NewLife is for you! Read below to find out more about these helpful studies!

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Mail is fun when it isn’t a bill. We’ll send free Bible studies to your mailbox. Send it back to us when you finish. We will be happy to see how well you did.

Who is it for?

The NewLife Bible Study Course is geared for late teens and adults. Detailed answers are strongly encouraged. The questions not only test one’s knowledge of the passage and the underlining teachings outlined in the study notes, but are aimed at discovering how much of the passage the student fully understands and gives opportunities for personal expression of thought. Prizes, for marks earned, are offered and once the course is complete, you will receive a certificate.

NewLife Bible Study Course

How does it work?

Each month, the PBS CEntre sends the students the new unit for that month. When the completed unit is returned to us, we then send it to the teacher for marking, while you work on your next study. When the teacher has marked it, it is returned to us and we send it back to you along with another unit. We follow a monthly cycle – which is ideal for routine and structure in your Bible reading.

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Course Breakdown

The NewLife course has 36 units, spread over three years and it was originally designed for those young in the faith. There are four studies and worksheets in each unit. PBS students are encouraged to complete a new unit each month and are sent their next unit on receipt of their completed one. The number of units varies according to the topic.

Each of the four studies within each unit involves a careful reading of the Scriptures. You are free to use your preferred Bible translation and it would be helpful to let your teacher know your choice. Any quotations found in the NewLife Bible Studies are in the New King James Version.

This NewLife course is also available in Spanish. The first five units have been translated into French and it is hoped to have the rest translated in the future, God willing.

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