Be confident that your children understand the Bible!

PBS is a free, fun and rewarding way for families to learn the Bible! We have something for anyone four years old and over. There are five, age-specific, curriculums available: all for free!

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Homeschooling for Biblical Literacy

Our lessons could be the perfect supplement to your homeschooling curriculum. The Bibletime curriculum has age-appropriate activity sheets for children aged four to sixteen. This allows homeschool teachers to engage each child at his or her understanding level. You can even use our Postal Bible Studies program and let others do the marking and save you the job and valuable time. Best of all, you can be confident that the material is Bible-based and non-denominational. We regularly attend the Manitoba Homeschooling Conference and would love to meet you there.

Behind The Scenes

Prairie Bible Services is a non-profit charitable organization. The administration is handled by a small team of Christian volunteers in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Our Christian teachers are volunteers too, but are spread out across the country. Hundreds of lessons are printed, mailed and marked each month. We do not ask for any financial contributions from our students, instead, we rely on our God to cover the monthly printing and mailing expenses. We are grateful for the support that so many have shown us with their financial gifts and prayers. As a registered charity we issue a tax receipt for all donations received. (Cash cheques and e-transfers can be accepted.)

Want to know more? You can view our statement of faith, read a more comprehensive background or contact us directly.

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Postal Bible Studies - Correspondence Courses

One popular way to use the lessons is through our monthly correspondence program. Students receive a booklet with four lessons each month. We expect them to return the completed booklet in time for the next mailing. Each student is given a teacher who marks and returns the lessons. Punctuality, correct answers and neat work earn marks and the opportunity to choose prizes.

You’ll only ever pay for postage stamps: everything else is free!

Did you know we also offer an adult Bible Study course?

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