A1 Creation & the Fall

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Lesson 1: In the Beginning

Readings: Genesis 1: 1-31

It took God just six days to create everything!

Lesson 2: Completed

Readings: Genesis 1: 27-31; 2: 1-9

The first book of the Bible, as we have seen, is the first book of the Bible, as we have seen, is called Genesis, which means ‘Beginnings’. This is a very suitable name because, in the first chapter, we have read about the first day, the first life, the first man, and God’s first words to the man whom He had made.

Lesson 3: The Coming of Sin

Readings: Genesis 2: 15-19; 3: 1-7

This study will enable us to understand what happened after the creation of human beings.

Lesson 4: The Results of Sin

Readings: Genesis 3: 7-24

Sin will always be punished, and the first sin of Adam and Eve was not an exception. “Then the eyes of both of them were opened.” (Verse 7) This does not mean that they had been going around with their eyes shut! God explains in verse 22 how they can now “see” something which they could not see before.