A1 Creation & the Fall

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Lesson 1: In The Beginning - God Creates the World

Readings: Genesis 1: 1-13

Have you ever looked up into the sky on a cold, clear night and wondered why the millions of stars and the planets, were made? Or wondered why our earth has humans and animals living on it? The answers can be found in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.

Lesson 2: In The Beginning - God Creates Man

Readings: Genesis 1: 20-31

Have you ever thought how much power it takes to cause a volcano to erupt or how powerful the wind has to be before it becomes a hurricane, whipping up everything in its path? These things are hard for us to imagine. Think then about the amazing power that made the world we live in, the ALMIGHTY POWER OF GOD. We read about God’s great power in creation in Genesis. We see Him in all His glory as He creates the animals and then, most wonderful of all, He creates the first human beings.

Lesson 3: In The Beginning - Things go wrong

Readings: Genesis 2: 15-17 and 3: 1-13

If a friend put a present on the table and told you not to open it, how long would it be before you just had to have a look inside? The very moment you open it, the surprise is spoiled. This is a picture of how sin came into the perfect world that God had made.

Lesson 4: In The Beginning - Doing things God’s Way

Readings: Genesis 4: 1-16

If you are going on a journey to a place which you’ve never visited before, you need to be sure of the way first. You look at a map, or ask someone who’s been there before. If you just set off in any direction, hoping you’ll get there, you’re bound to get lost!