A10 Stephen, Philip, Saul

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Lesson 1: Stephen dies for the Lord Jesus

Readings: Acts 6: 8-15; 7: 54-60

After the Lord Jesus had gone back to Heaven, many people became believers in Him. These people, who loved the Lord Jesus, were part of God’s church in Jerusalem. One of the helpers in the church there was Stephen. He was a good man who served the Lord Jesus by helping other people. He was full of the Holy Spirit and often preached about Jesus.

Lesson 2: Philip’s chariot ride

Readings: Acts 8: 26-40

Philip also believed in the Lord Jesus and went around preaching. Usually he would preach in towns and cities where many people lived, but one day an angel told him to go along a road which passed through a desert.

Lesson 3: Saul and a bright light!

Readings: Acts 9: 1-9

Saul hated Jesus! He didn’t believe the things that Jesus had said or that He is God’s Son. He wanted to hurt the people who loved Jesus.

Lesson 4: Saul becomes a changed man

Readings: Acts 9: 10-23

God spoke to Ananias in a dream and asked him to go and visit Saul. Ananias had heard how badly Saul treated people who loved Jesus, so at first he didn’t want to go. But the Lord explained that Saul’s life had been changed. Now Saul would preach about the Lord Jesus to people who had never heard about Him. Ananias then obeyed the Lord and found Saul, who had been blind for the last three days!