A10 Stephen, Philip, Saul

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Lesson 1: Stephen dies for the Lord Jesus

Readings: Acts 6: 8-15, 7: 54-60

Stephen was a good man who served the Lord Jesus by helping poor people. Often Stephen preached about Jesus. Some people did not believe and told lies about him. They became so angry that they dragged Stephen outside the city and started throwing big stones at him. Stephen was not afraid. God allowed him to look right into Heaven and to see the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 2: Philip’s chariot ride

Readings: Acts 8: 26- 40

A desert is a very dry and hot place – not the kind of place where people live! One day an angel told a preacher called Philip to go into a desert. Philip obeyed at once. When he reached the desert, he met an important man who was on his way home to Africa. Philip heard the man reading from the Bible! He could not understand what he was reading, so Philip got up into the chariot and explained that it was about the Lord Jesus. Soon the man knew that he needed to trust Jesus too. Without delay, he believed and had his sins forgiven. He then went home full of joy.

Lesson 3: Saul and a bright light

Readings: Acts 9: 1-9

Saul hated Jesus! He didn’t believe that He was God’s Son. He hurt the people who loved Jesus. One day Saul was going to a city called Damascus to find Christians, and have them put in prison. As Saul and his friends walked along the road, there was suddenly a very bright flash of light. Saul fell to the ground!

Lesson 4: Saul becomes a changed man

Readings: Acts 9: 10-23

Saul had been in Damascus for three days. The Lord sent a man called Ananias to see him. Ananias felt afraid of going to Saul. He knew how badly Saul had treated people who loved Jesus. But now Saul was different! Saul loved Jesus too. Ananias placed his hands on him and his sight came back. Ananias explained how God had a special job for Saul to do – preaching about the Lord Jesus to people who had never heard about Him before.