A11 Paul

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Lesson 1: Paul (Saul) at Antioch

Readings: Acts 11: 19-30

Many years have passed since Saul (who is also called Paul) met the Lord Jesus. He has now gone back to the city where he had been born.

Lesson 2: Paul (Saul) in Cyprus

Readings: Acts 13: 1-12

One day the Christians in Antioch were gathered together. Among them were Barnabas and Saul. The Holy Spirit made it clear to the other leaders that Barnabas and Saul were to do a special work for God. So after praying about it, Barnabas, Saul and John Mark, a young nephew of Barnabas, set off in a boat for Cyprus.

Lesson 3: Paul meets Lydia

Readings: Acts 16: 6-15

Perhaps you have visited another country for your holidays. Maybe you have crossed the border between two countries. Paul and his two friends, Silas and Timothy, travelled many miles, going from country to country. Because they were doing God’s work, the Holy Spirit showed them exactly where God wanted them to go. No matter where they went, there were many of people who needed to hear the good news about the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 4: Paul and Silas in jail

Readings: Acts 16: 16-34

I wonder if you’ve ever ended up in trouble when you were doing your best to be helpful? That’s what happened to Paul and Silas. One day in Philippi, they helped a slave girl, but her owners became very angry. They dragged Paul and Silas to the market place and told lies about them.