A12 The First Christmas

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Lesson 1: The Impossible!

Readings: Luke 1: 5-20; 57-66

What was the best Christmas present you ever had? Perhaps it was something you never dreamed you would get. In these lessons we are going to look at the very first Christmas, when Jesus was born. However, before the birth of the Lord Jesus, we read about another child who came as a real joy to his parents!

Lesson 2: A Special Task

Readings: Luke 1: 26-38

Have you ever been chosen at school to do something special? Perhaps act in a play or read aloud in a school assembly. It makes you feel good. Just think how Mary felt when she heard the news that she was going to be the mother of God’s Son, the Lord Jesus!

Lesson 3: In Bethlehem

Readings: Luke 2: 1-20

Going on a journey is often fun, but if you are not feeling too well, it can be very hard. Mary wasn’t ill, but the time had come for her to have her baby. She and Joseph had to travel to another town about 70 miles away. Remember there were no trains or cars. The roads were rough and sometimes very dangerous.

Lesson 4: In the Temple

Readings: Luke 2: 22-40

When we receive a present at Christmas, it’s only right to say, “Thank you.” Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the Temple to say, “Thank You” to God, but there was another surprise waiting for them!