A2 Early Times in Genesis

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Lesson 1: Cain and Abel - Worshipping God

Readings: Genesis 4: 1-16

The story of the book of Genesis moves rapidly on from the Creation. God had made everything and it was “very good”. Then there had been Adam and Eve’s ‘fall’ into sin and God’s judgment upon them and all mankind. Now we have the tragedy of the first murder. This must have been one of the worst moments in the lives of Adam and Eve. Their act of disobedience to God had led their first son to murder his brother.

Lesson 2: Enoch and Noah - Walking with God

Readings: Genesis 5: 21-32; 6: 1-15

Enoch was seven generations after Adam and was a descendant of Seth, the third son born to Adam and Eve. Enoch was a prophet (Jude 14 and 15). As the first prophet of God he brought a special message from God to the people. He warned them that the Lord would judge the ungodly.

Lesson 3: Noah and the Flood - Working for God

Readings: Genesis 6: 14-22; 7: 1-24

God had a plan so that Noah and his family could escape His judgment. He gave Noah detailed instructions about making an ark.

Lesson 4: Noah and his family - Worshipping God

Readings: Genesis 8: 1-22; 9: 11-16

For 40 days torrents of water flooded the earth covering even the highest mountains. But God had not forgotten Noah and everything that was in the ark!