A3 Peter

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Lesson 1: Jesus calls Peter

Readings: Matthew 4: 18-22

Have you got a best friend? Jesus knew He would need some good helpers who would stay by Him and be His friends. One day, as He was walking by the Lake of Galilee, He saw two fishermen. The name of one of them was Simon Peter and the other was Andrew his brother.

Lesson 2: Jesus helps Peter

Readings: Luke 5: 1-11

In school, you don’t learn everything at once! Neither did Simon Peter. Once again he had been fishing and now he was busy washing his nets.

Lesson 3: Jesus calms the storm

Readings: Mark 4: 35-41

One day, the Lord Jesus and His disciples sailed across the Lake of Galilee. Some of the disciples knew the lake well because they had often fished there. Suddenly there was a great storm! The wind was so strong that the waves swept over the boat. The disciples were scared, even though they were used to sailing.

Lesson 4: Jesus saves Peter

Readings: Matthew 14: 22-33

Have you ever been out on a lake in a small boat on a wild and windy night? If you have been, you will know how frightened the disciples were when they were caught in a bad storm one night on the Lake of Galilee.