A3 Peter

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Lesson 1: Jesus calls Peter

Readings: Matthew 4: 18-22

The Lord Jesus wanted some good helpers. One day He saw two fishermen. One of them was called Peter and the other was his brother Andrew.

Lesson 2: Jesus helps Peter

Readings: Luke 5: 1-11

One day the Lord Jesus used Peter’s boat. As He sat in it, He spoke to the people about God. When He had finished, He told Peter to go and catch some fish.

Lesson 3: Jesus calms the storm

Readings: Mark 4: 35- 41

One day, the Lord Jesus and His disciples sailed across the Lake of Galilee. Suddenly there was a great storm! The wind was so strong that the waves came over the boat. But the Lord Jesus was fast asleep!

Lesson 4: Jesus saves Peter

Readings: Matthew 14: 22-33

One night, as the disciples were sailing across the Lake of Galilee, they were caught in a bad storm!