A4 Life of Peter

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Lesson 1: An example of Love

Readings: John 13: 1-17

People in Jesus’ day usually had to walk if they wanted to go anywhere. It was a hot and dry country, and the roads were very dirty and dusty. Their feet would get dirty because they wore sandals. When they arrived, the owner of the house would make sure that one of his slaves washed their feet before they had their meal. On this particular occasion the Lord Jesus did the slave’s job.

Lesson 2: Peter denies his Lord

Readings: Luke 22: 31-34 & 54-62

Ben had lots of friends at school. One Friday, his class was talking about what they were going to do on Sunday. “I’m going to my Grandma’s,” said one. “I’m going to the beach,” said another. “What are you doing, Ben?” “I’ll be going to church,” he said. His friends were amazed and asked if he went every week. “Well, no,” he replied, knowing that this wasn’t true, but he was frightened of being laughed at, so he didn’t tell the truth. Peter felt just like that in the Bible Reading. After the Lord Jesus had eaten supper with His disciples, He took them to the Mount of Olives. He warned Peter that soon he would say that he did not know Him.

Lesson 3: The Lord Jesus dies

Readings: Mark 15: 22-40

At the end of the last lesson we left Peter crying. The Lord Jesus was taken to be crucified. Although this Bible Reading does not mention Peter, we know that he saw what the Lord Jesus suffered.

Lesson 4: “Do you love Me”

Readings: John 21: 1-17

After the Lord Jesus had risen from the dead, the disciples went back to Galilee and returned to the work they had been doing before Jesus had called them.